Top Tips To Help You Design Your Home Bar

When you finally set foot into the working world, going out with your friends or coworkers every weekend can quickly add up financially and may even become emotionally exhausting for some. Sometime you may just want to spend your evenings by unwinding with a beer or two, but that does not mean your night has to be mundane. Why not designate a space in your home for some bar tools, few shelves and a new decor for the ultimate relaxation corner. Below are some unique decorating tips that will get you on your way to create the perfect home bar:

Lighting up your bar

Kitchen glass fronts

There are many variations of bar lighting to choose from, and they can range from industrial to rustic to bright LEDs. When selecting or creating bar lighting, there are many ways which you can customize them to blend in seamlessly with the overall feel of your home bar. For instance, you can up-cycle used liquor bottles to make sconce lighting.

With that said, you no longer have to throw away all those used bottles when you drink at home. Whether it is a small or big bottle, they are all suited to become a bottle lamp. Be sure to pick those that are colored because they will be able to give you an interesting ambient light. You can also put strings in the bottles to hang them up instead of just making standing lamps. Alternatively, you can use marquee-style decorative lights to create a focal point in the room.

When designing a bar, you are recommended to keep things simple. The concept of simplicity should be applied to your booths, tabletops, chairs and more. Oftentimes, sticking to a single and simple decor theme will make the most impact. Take hit TV shows like Mad Men for example, it shows that the mid-century modern concept is still in. Other design trends you can consider also include something that is more customized, artisanal and consists of bespoke furniture. The same goes for your lighting scheme as it should be somewhat simple.

Modern shelves for display and storage

For some homeowners, they may be leaning towards the creation of a compact bar when their home is tight. If you are one of them, why give up your valuable floor room when you can make good use of your walls? Instead of chucking your liquor away and out of sight on a bar cart, why not try shelves as they can also make it easier to keep track of what is running low.

When you install glass shelves, you will be able to maximize most of the available vertical height. From simple storage solutions to whole dining room sets, aluminum furniture with glass accents are some of the hottest trends in the design community because they are able to create the illusion of a bigger space. Hence, don’t hesitate to apply the same concept by using lasting, glass with sleek aluminum-framed shelves on your walls to achieve that modern and floating look for your bar.

These shelves have more uses than just showcasing your alcohol; you can use them to display anything that comes to mind. You can use them in other areas of your house as well to display things that range from a collection of books to nail polish. However, you should keep in mind that the shelves you use for areas like your home bar must be able to withstand the weight of liquor bottles. You would not want to return home and find your delicious pours in a shattered mess.

Alcohol, bar accessories and signage

For your alcohol collection, feel free to go all out to get your favorite flavors and infusions. With the outpour of new flavors, the packaging of many popular liquor brands has changed too. Thus, you may want to hop on board and pick up the hobby of collecting liquor bottles. As mentioned earlier, they can be used to make your bar lighting but you can just hold on to them for their design after consuming the alcohol inside. If you lack something to display on your shelves, you can use these bottles right away.

Another thing is creating homemade signage to direct your guests to your bar area and even let them know what pours are available with a chalkboard sign. A home bar should be stocked with all the essentials to allow you to whip up an awesome cocktail or pour out a refreshing cold one. Getting the right bar tools will give you the chance to fuse the theme of your decor together well and impress your guests.

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