Small Ideas, Big Differences: Closet Doors & Glass Can Improve Your Interior Design

You don’t need to save up for a long time to give your house a retouch. It might be cheaper than you think. Depending on your budget, you can focus your efforts on the parts of your home that stand out the most. For example, you can think about switching up your closet doors or using glass in your home decor.

Closet doors

When you need something from your closet, perhaps you just open it, take out what you need and close it without giving much thought to your closet doors. Your closet can be a cheaper way to enhance the appearance of a room without upgrading a lot of other aspects of a room. This is because closet doors stand out more than any other part of your closet. There are a few things to consider before you purchase or upgrade your closet doors such as the amount of space you have, your budget, and of course your closet itself. That said, here are some few ideas that might interest you:

• Sliding closet doors

This is a classic. You can never go wrong with sliding doors. They have been around for a long time and they still maintain their popularity in house design. Sliding closet doors conceal the amount of space you have in your closet, but remain stylish and are easy to open and close. Cons? The only demerit is organization. It is a little tricky to maintain a properly organized closet because when they open, they give you access to only one half of the closet at a time. However, they make up for this in the price tag so if you can handle that minor disadvantage, you can go for sliding closet doors.

• Barn closet doors

Barn closet are typically another form of sliding doors, but they come with an edge over regular sliding doors. They use a track that is visible to move the door which means they open to give full access to the closet unlike ordinary sliding doors. The idea of visible hardware such as the trolley and track may not appear to be very attractive, but manufacturers often find a way of making them blend with the door or stand out to complement the appearance of the your closet door.

• Glass closet doors


There is something about glass doors that just beckons your attention. Glass doors are simple in design yet it seems to be this simplicity that makes it so attractive. As expected, glass closet doors come in a variety of designs and artwork though you might want to consider getting frosted or tinted glass if you are looking to keep your closet contents private. The biggest pro about using glass doors on your closet is that you can use them for virtually any closet.

The designs are almost limitless. You can get a one lite door or multiple lite doors to make it look more appealing. Another design is mirrored doors. Everybody likes to look at a mirror once in a while and since the mirror is going to be the full length of the door, it adds to its appeal. Another design you might want to consider is bifold doors. They can come in the form of multiple glass panes on your door or simply a large single pane.

Glass shelves

It doesn’t matter where you put them, glass shelves look great everywhere. They are very versatile and absolutely gorgeous. They look great in houses with modern design and are equally as outstanding in the traditional model. Glass shelves give you a unique opportunity to accentuate the design of the room since you can get it in colors that blend with the rest of the room or make it outstanding. They also give you the chance to showcase whatever you put on it.

You can put it in your kitchen to showcase your kitchen utensils, in your study to show off your book collections, or you can put it in your bathroom as most people do. Glass shelves are fast becoming a trend in both traditional and modern house designs. If you can couple glass shelves with glass front cabinets, they complement each other very well. They are small therefore relatively cheap depending on the design you want, but you can bet they are definitely worth every dime.

Kitchen glass fronts

Kitchen glass fronts are becoming a huge trend with home owners nowadays. Glass is a reflective material so glass fronts in your kitchen amplify the amount of light in the room, illuminating it and creating a sense of light liveliness in the kitchen. They are also an opportunity to show off items that match your overall design of the kitchen.

In kitchens, they are most commonly used in cabinet doors. You can show off your creativity by getting different artwork or design on your glass, using frosted or tempered glass. If your kitchen has more window space than a wall, you have an opportunity to show off your sense of style. You can also get picture window cabinets as they are designed with no back panels in order to allow light through.

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