How To Update Your Sliding Wardrobe Doors

When you install sliding wardrobes in your home, it is going to be a huge space saver. One of the biggest reasons why they help save space is the fact that they don’t open out into the room, and they also provide full access to all parts of the wardrobe. You would be delighted to know that fitting in this type of door is a very simple task and you only need to take a few measurements. While taking down the measurements, you will need to take into account the width of the wardrobe door’s top mounting track, as it will affect the length of the door you are purchasing.

wardrobe glass doors

If you lay thick carpeting in the room, it might affect how well the door can operate too. Hence, you might want to reduce the length of the wardrobe door by a little to accommodate to the thick pile. Without further ado, here are some of the key instructions to get you started on the measurements. Be sure to get hold of a tape measure before you begin.

How to measure

First, you will need to measure the vertical height on the left of the wardrobe door’s opening. Make sure to repeat that step for the right hand side as well. It is pertinent that you take both measurements because the door’s opening may not be the same or square. If the opening seems a little too wide, you can take a third measurement which is at the center of the doorway. Next, you will need to measure across the top of the door’s opening in a horizontal manner; it should be just below the doorframe. Then, measure across the bottom of the door’s opening.

Finally, you can proceed to choose your wardrobe doors based on those measurements. Depending on the number and type of doors you plan to install, it is essential that you leave extra width on each door for them to overlap. In most cases, you can follow the sliding door manufacturer’s advice to purchase adequate overlap. When the doors are closed, each section should be the same width apart.

With all that said, you can adapt most standard interior doors to be used as sliding doors as well. These doors can come in 24, 28, 30, 32 and 36 inches of width with a standard height of 80 inches. The height can be trimmed to fit your wardrobe’s opening.

Beautifying your wardrobe doors

Nowadays, there are many homeowners that are opting for wardrobe glass doors and it is easy to see why. There many advantages of using glass as your wardrobe doors and for starters, they can enhance any part of a room by revealing what is inside your cupboards. If you noticed, glass fronts and doors are commonly used to display attractive items which can include one’s possible collections of glassware and dinnerware. In addition to that, wardrobes with glass doors make it easier to find what you need without taking a few moments to open the doors and fumble about for a particular item.

Another cool benefit about using this type of doors is that glass is able to create a modern style to replace any outdated forms of decor. Oftentimes, they can be used to replace existing metal or solid wooden wardrobe doors to achieve a more updated and decorative look. As many styles of glass doors are now used in cabinetry as well, you can choose from colored, clear, opaque glass and even those that have etched designs. This variety makes it so easy to match the glass fronts with any style you have in mind.

Getting the right frames and its benefits

Although glass fronts can be slipped into any existing wooden wardrobe door frames, you are recommended to switch to aluminum frames. These modern frames are made with different profile styles, providing you with endless possibilities. One of the profiles you may go for is anodized aluminum. As the process of anodizing aluminum adds a layer of oxidation to its surface, it will enhance the properties of the aluminum.

Other metals such as iron will rust when oxidation occurs, thus this type of aluminum is unique and comes with other benefits as well. For starters, anodized aluminum surfaces are harder than pure ones, coming in second to diamonds pertaining to its hard crystalline structure. Also, the color on the aluminum surface is able to last much longer as its porous and adhesive qualities are enhanced through the anodizing process.

Unlike other frames, they last much longer and are more resistant to wear and tear from daily handling and usage. Coupled with proper sealing and a thick outer coating, anodized aluminum enjoys increase corrosion resistivity and prevents further oxidization throughout time.

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