Do You Know How To Decorate The Space Above Kitchen Cabinets?

If you are undertaking a new project of designing a set of kitchen cabinets, one of the biggest concerns faced is you have to ensure that you can access them from the floor. If you are one that prefers pre-made cabinets, it is pertinent that you position them at a height which leaves space for an insert between the roof and uppermost section of the cabinets. In some homes, there are unusually low roofs and thus the available inserts are often so small that you are able to prevent grime and dirt from collecting up there by implementing a miniature soffit. Taller roofs, on the other hand, are able to offer you an ideal space for design and decoration. Hence, you should use them to inject some personality into your kitchen.

How to start decorating

Kitchen glass fronts

First and foremost, you will need to get started by measuring the distance from the top of your cabinets to the roof as well as their sizing dimensions. You will then be able to browse for any fitting and accessories without any worry of choosing the wrong parts. The last thing that you want to experience is to end up wasting precious funds on certain fixtures that do not fit well into the kitchen.

Go for a unified design

Take your time to consider what kind of designs you would like to go for or simply love the most. For instance, you are someone who likes to pair up colorful glass ornaments and attractive pottery pieces together. Also, you may have a liking towards Art Deco design as well. Other related items on your list may also include vases, trinkets and baskets. It is essential that you are able to present these favorite little bits and pieces well so it can put a smile to everyone’s faces when they see them.

Proper placement in the kitchen is pertinent as you will be seeing every day. There are a number of ways on how you can let your interests shine in this newly designed culinary space. One way is to display your attractive pieces by situating them into any available cavity in your new cabinets and include modern and clear kitchen glass fronts.

Whenever you become slightly unsure on what kinds of accessories you would like to present or collect, you can consider putting together a pretty theme for your kitchen cabinets. For example, you can go for a complementary color scheme which is considerably viable for a kitchen. With that, you are still able to maintain the overall tone of your home and add a unifying color scheme at the same time.

Forgo artificial plants

When you are dealing with the upper portions of your cabinet’s d├ęcor, you are recommended not to use artificial plants, leaves and vines, because this style is already considered as old-fashioned and can give your kitchen a tired look. If you still favor having green plants and other related accessories on top, then you should proceed to pick up some real greenery to be place atop your cabinets and other viable fixtures.

Create focal points

Some homeowners may worry because they may not have any interest in the collections of decorative pieces. It is not really an issue because you can always start afresh and start collecting now! When you do pick up that interest, you should pick out a suitable focal point first. It should be a space in your kitchen which will naturally capture attention. When working with such spaces, you will want to present things such as an ornamental candle holder, a signature decorative bowl or plate, an art piece or even a lantern.

The key is to select things that are fairly large and would be able to be presented at eye level. As you will instinctively look upon these ornaments from a distance, you can always do with bold and beautiful. Always keep in mind that shorter objects should be presented at the front of a certain collection as they draw one’s gaze directly inwards while longer objects tend to draw your gaze upwards.

Trigger all five senses

You would be surprised to know that a carefully positioned rack of spices and colorful herbs can invigorate a kitchen. For instance, if you are redecorating a culinary space which is more inclined to a rural and rustic style, you can add to its appeal with strings of vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, garlic and etc. You can hang them from the roof or positioned them over the top of your cabinets. This will help you inject a sense of warmth and personality, and make your friends feel lucky that they are able to spend time in such an attractive space.

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