Converting A Tiny Kitchen Into A Spectacular One Is Not So Hard After All!

Contrary to what you see on remodeling TV shows space is actually really expensive, and expanding your current kitchen may cost you thousands of dollars. This is probably why you cannot get your kitchen to look like that spacious modern kitchen that got you daydreaming the other day. There’s no need to put yourself under too much pressure though. Your kitchen can be just as spectacular and breathtaking without having to cost you a fortune in space and remodeling. Here are a few pointers to get you started on your journey to a dream kitchen.

Understand your layout

glass shelves

An efficient kitchen would be one that has all the right appliances in the right place. This means that you must have your stove, refrigerator and sink in the required triangular formation. This will avoid hovering and appearing to clutter your kitchen space. Also, be sure to avoid large appliances since these will only take up all your space. You can always get smaller appliances that are not only cheaper, but also more efficient for your limited space. However, maintain your brands since you want that matching designer look.

Use under cabinet lighting

Lighting makes a room look larger than it actually is. But since you have a small kitchen, you are likely to require some upper cabinets for your storage. To avoid making the kitchen dark, you need to install under cabinet lighting. This will allow you to light up the kitchen and still create the illusion of a large space. Under cabinet lighting in this case should be chosen depending on the kind of cabinetry that you have. A point to note is that while you may be tempted to try out something new, complimentary designs are the way to go. If you create a patchwork in your kitchen you will be moving in the opposite direction from a designer look.

Consider light colors for the walls or tiles

The significance of light cannot be overemphasized enough when it comes to improving tiny spaces. For that large and spacious feeling in your kitchen, try using light colors on your walls. You do not have to go bright and bold. Instead, just consider light colors that are reflective and will thus add on to the room’s lighting system. If you like tiled walls, consider installing ones in lighter shades too. The idea here is to eliminate any darkness from the kitchen, thus enabling you to create that effective illusion of space.

Glass shelves are an open secret here

Have you ever wondered why most kitchens today have a lot of glass? From glass cabinet doors with glass doors and glass topped furniture, the modern home is usually full of glass. Well, the reason is that while the glass is beautiful, it is also very effective when you want to create the illusion of space. Consider using glass around your kitchen without necessarily breaking your bank account. A good start would be the floating glass shelves that will add a lot of class and some element of space in your tiny space. You could also add on glass cabinet doors and a glass sliding door if you can. All of these will liven up your kitchen and make it spectacular.

So before you give up on having that dream kitchen, consider adjusting your dream to accommodate an enhanced kitchen that will look and feel just as modern and spacious without the heart-stopping price tag. Find out how you can use the amazing glass shelves in your kitchen space for that custom kitchen look that you’ve always wanted, and you will be impressed with how much you can actually improve that kitchen.

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