Converting A Tiny Kitchen Into A Spectacular One Is Not So Hard After All!

Contrary to what you see on remodeling TV shows space is actually really expensive, and expanding your current kitchen may cost you thousands of dollars. This is probably why you cannot get your kitchen to look like that spacious modern kitchen that got you daydreaming the other day. There’s no need to put yourself under [...]

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Top Tips To Help You Design Your Home Bar

When you finally set foot into the working world, going out with your friends or coworkers every weekend can quickly add up financially and may even become emotionally exhausting for some. Sometime you may just want to spend your evenings by unwinding with a beer or two, but that does not mean your night has [...]

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Maintain your Glass Aluminum Doors

Here are some directions to maintain your newly installed glass aluminum door, the following directions work for all door including kitchens cabinets and closet doors. To maintain the brightness of your glass door please use fiber cloth whenever you clean the glass or aluminum of the doors. It’s recommendable to use a multi surface detergent [...]

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Installing Euro style Hinges On Aluminum Glass Doors

Follow this instructions to correctly install euro style hinges on aluminum glass doors. Installing Euro style Hinges On Aluminum Glass Doors is easy. hinges on glass cabinet doors                   Step 1:  Determine where you want to locate the hinges on the door and cabinet. Typically [...]

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Hinges Per Door

-What type of hinges can be installed on the aluminum doors? Concealed hinges also known as cup hinges, euro hinges or European hinges are available in several boring patterns. -How many hinges per door? When determining the number of hinges needed for a cabinet door, the main factors to Hinges Per Door Door  weight When in doubt, always allow [...]

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Should I get Aluminum glass doors for my kitchen?

Aluminum Glass Doors Absolutely, it will create a nice light and fresh touch to your well designed kitchen, I recommend thinking of what you want to put in those glass cabinets and locating them from there. I would suggest dishes and glassware but not spices (spices never stay straight and they are all different brands–put [...]

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Glass Closet Doors

Does your room need a quick design refresher?  Try updating with metal framed glass closet doors. The wide variety of options gives many decorating possibilities. Glass sliding doors, Aluminum  bifold doors, mirrored doors, louvered doors, screens and curtains are available in a wide array of materials and price ranges. There are a few cons to [...]

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Aluminum Frame Glass Cabinet Doors

Aluminum framed glass cabinet doors combined with wooden doors is always modern in the kitchen. Beautiful wooden furniture with exquisite aluminum framed glass cabinet doors are a great solution for kitchen design. Wood creates a feeling of warmth and comfort in the room.  Dark Wooden cabinets with white glass cabinet doors are valid for any modern kitchen [...]

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Kitchen Cabinet Aluminum Doors

We recommend kitchen cabinet aluminum doors for a high quality modern look for your kitchen. Glass comes back into the kitchen scene with aluminum accents. Aluminum and Glass fronts kitchens are timeless and versatile as a chameleon. The kitchen cabinet aluminum doors are suitable for all conditions and styles, no matter what color you chose for the [...]

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Aluminum Cabinet Doors

Are elegant, easy to clean and resistant to moisture. Thanks to modern mechanisms is kitchen cabinet glass doors open silently and only a light touch. Posted by light sources can achieve interesting effects. Kitchen shelves and cabinets can accommodate different kitchen accessories that are useful for working in the kitchen. So that the room looks [...]

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