Between The Closet Sliding Doors And Space: The Connection Is Real

A main function of closets is to provide storage space and help to keep your rooms neat and free of clutter. Whether your current closet does this or not is a matter of design since you hold all the cards here. A normal and effective closet should allow you to keep all your clothes and shoes as well as jewelry if possible, in one neat location. However, not every house is built with a walk in closet that can accommodate all of these items. This is why you could conveniently get away with a messy or cluttered bedroom, but you do not have to. You can create space in your room by using sliding closet doors so that you can still have enough closet space without cramping the bedroom. The main question here would be how this works.

Let’s talk styles and designs


When you look at your bedroom or your home as a whole, what style would you say it is? When picking out a closet design, most people would prefer to keep it within the limits of the current house design. This is in order to have some continuity and add value to the home. The sliding doors were at some point seen as ancient and rather outdated at some point, but not anymore.

Consider this from a modernist perspective where functionality and aesthetics have to come together in equal measure. Here, you will note that the sliding door could be as beautiful as you let it, and yet still functional enough to cover your closet and allow you space to maneuver within the room. If you used a hinged swinging closet door that must be pulled on the outside to open, or the bifold closet doors, you will need to limit the closet size since you must have enough room to open it.

You will not have to compromise on anything

Sliding doors could be made of any material that you please. They could be wooden, or made of glass. You could even have them as mirrors, translucent glass, transparent glass or painted glass among other things. This means you can have any artistic design on your closet door, even if you would like it to be like a wall painting in your room. The versatility here implies that you do not have to choose between aesthetics and functionality.

You still get to have a beautiful and spacious room while maintaining privacy in terms of your closet. If you choose the glass closet doors, you can even create the illusion of a large and airy room without having to take down any walls. Transparent glass and mirrors have a reputation for making rooms appear larger. And for a closet door, you will find that the transparent glass will get you organized owing to the exposure that your closet will be getting. An organization creates a lot of space in the home.

Everything will fit now

Since you have more closet space, everything should be able to fit inside your closet. You can have the shoe rack, the coat hangers and the scarves, all fitted well into the closet. This would mean that there won’t be a lot of clothing items around your room. With enough space in the closet and in your room, you will be able to keep everything in the right place and thus avoid being disorganized. Since you can find things more easily, you will even be more relaxed and much happier as a person.

So next time you ask yourself why your room is consistently messy and your closet too small, remember that you could change that by installing closet sliding doors and allowing yourself some more closet space without having to break your bank account.

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