Top Reasons To Choose Glass And Aluminum Sliding Doors For Your Closet

If you are contemplating on giving your bedroom a makeover, you should consider changing the doors of your closet after you have dealt with the room décor and bed. At this point, some homeowners get a little confused when deciding between sliding door closets or hinged closets. Both of the options that are mentioned have their own unique advantages. However, sliding door closets are the ones to go for if your bedroom is small to start with. What’s more sliding door types are much more stylish and they can come in various colors and designs, being an ideal fit for almost all types of rooms. Read on to find out more on the reasons why you should choose sliding door closets.

Increased durability

Closet sliding doors

Over an extended period of time as well as frequent use, the hinges of a hinged closet becomes looser. Additionally, because most of the weight is focused on only one side, the doors of the hinged closet will sag over the years. Sliding doors closets, on the other hand, do not experience such limitations because the weight is evenly distributed between each panel and there isn’t a need for traditional hinges.

Ease of maintenance and repair

Sliding doors and closets are constructed with simple means as they are typically positioned in tracks at the top jamb and floor. This allows the doors to bypass one another in the tracks. Because such doors do not fold out the way hinged doors do, they allow access to half the opening’s width at a time.

If you need to lubricate or clean the hardware of the sliding door, simply grab a stiff brush, hand vacuum or a toothbrush ad clean the dust from the tracks. You may also consider using an aerosol lubricant to lubricate the door rollers. If the door rollers ever get damaged, do not be fazed as you can easily get replacement rollers from many home centers.

When you notice that the door does not hang level, which means it leaves an uneven gap between the door frame and the door, simply located the adjustable mounting screws that are often found inside the top of each door. Take a screwdriver and adjust these screws to even out the door.

Aluminum sliding doors

Modern closet sliding doors can be made from clear anodized aluminum. This material is much more durable, in a sense that it won’t peel, chip or flake easily over time. Anodized aluminum is very easy to maintain as you only need to perform periodic cleans of any anodized extrusions with water and mild detergent to restore its original luster. Due to the superb sealing process during anodizing, the color of the aluminum is much more sustainable – helping keep your extrusions looking new for many years to come.

Add a modern touch to your room’s aesthetics

If the glass is used as the panels for your aluminum sliding doors, the room or space it is used at will look more sleek and modern, compared to other traditional materials. You do not always have to go for standard transparent glass as you can opt for mirror glass to be used as part of the door’s panels. You no longer have to go through the hassles of opening hinged closet doors to check out your outfit of the day. Simply stand in front of the closet when you are ready to catch a quick glimpse of yourself before leaving the house.

With glass, natural light seems to flow better throughout your room and living space, which is a welcoming sight. Your frosted glass panels can also reflect the sight of nature outside your windows and give your space that airy feel. Sometimes the faint closet lights from the inside can be used as the substitute of a night light, providing that faint, warm glow in a certain part of the room. All these elements are essential if you wish to add value to your prized abode.

The illusion of more space

Ever had the feeling that your room is feeling too cramped, even though there are minimal furniture being used? Well, glass and mirror sliding doors can solve that issue in a jiffy as they can make your room look bigger than it really is. As mentioned, these types of sliding doors for your closets are great additions. They can brighten things up with the sun’s illumination, capturing its silvery reflection from sunrise to sundown. To create that illusion for your room to look twice its size, you just have to find that correct placement.

Enjoy a wider reach and other possibilities

Since you no longer have to deal with traditional swinging or hinged doors, you can easily reach any nook and cranny of your closet through the sliding doors. Overall, closets with sliding doors come in a wide variety and provide various possibilities and benefits for homeowners. Sliding doors are versatile and they can be used for multiple applications other than closets. Hence, it is a no-brainer when you are given a choice of choosing closets with or without a sliding door. You should always go for glass aluminum closet sliding doors!

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