Need A New Kitchen Design? Here Are Some Top Tips To Get You Started!

Kitchens are without a doubt, one of the rooms in your house that is constantly being used. If you plan to replace your existing one, it is definitely worth taking some time off to plan out the needed content as well as the new layout of the new space. But the first question pops up into your mind, and that is how to design it?

Whether you are using an architect or specialized kitchen designer, it is pertinent that you find out ways on how it can be done as the area receives high activity and it must be done right. Knowing what is involved in the process can help you design your new kitchen better as well as being able to give a more concise brief to your designer(s). In this article, you will learn some of the top tips that are associated with kitchen design.

Utilize logical planning during preparation

When you are dealing with solid flooring such as ceramic or stone tiles, they should be fitted in before the units. This is an effective way to achieve a better-looking finish. However, that does not necessarily mean you are paying for flooring that you never see, which lies underneath the units. The vinyl can then be laid after the unit and fitted under the plinths that are located at the base.

Another great preparation tip is to add strip lights or halogen spots beneath your wall units to light up the work surface. If you plan to run the lights from a single switch to your main circuit, ensure that the wiring is planned before you proceed to install the units.

You should keep in mind to run cables to their new position before you begin fitting units, especially when you have uninterrupted access to all your surrounding walls and floors. Extractor fans for your vents must also be fitted with ducting that leads to an external wall. Next, you might to consider the possibility of planning for a worktop finish at an end that is ‘free’, meaning there is no wall or tall appliance at that end. Oftentimes, you will have the choice between cutting the worktop so that it flushes with the unit’s side or the use of a matching overhang. Another useful tip when fitting worktops in U-shape layout is to arrange the joins so you won’t have a complete worktop along your central wall.

Take the ‘working triangle’ into account

Glass cabinet doors

Many kitchens tend to work best when they adhere to a principle called the ‘working triangle’. The term simply means to position your sink, cooker, preparation area and main food storage area in a triangle formation and spaced out equally. The distance apart from each point should not exceed 7.5 meters. Otherwise, you might spend more time going back and forth distances just to make a cup of tea. That would turn out to be frustrating due to the increased time taken to perform a simple task.

Choose the right kitchen cabinet doors

Before making deciding on furniture or how you want your space to function, one of the most important element for your new kitchen design is the kitchen cabinets. For instance, you can opt for glass aluminum glass cabinet doors that come from Italy. At HRX Aluminum Doors, we offer such cabinet doors and they are manufactured here in the United States only with the highest quality standards. You can choose from different profile styles as well as add various glass inserts for an endless array of possibilities to make your kitchen look great.

If you are planning to get bespoke kitchen cabinets made, you should get in touch with the maker and find out if they can work in any standard sizes. This will be good if you are working on a tighter budget. Using whole pieces of a particular material, avoids excessive cutting and reduces waste, requires less labor and thus costs lesser than usual.

Construction and design development documents

At this point, you will be finalizing your kitchen design and prepare final elevations, floors plans and other related details. Exterior elevations, lighting switch plans, electrical and mechanical drawings might also come into play. You will then need to get ready your construction drawings or final permit set as well. Ensure that you have selected your fixtures and finishes as these will be included in the final pricing from your contractor.

Before you submit your drawings to get it approved, take note that there is a lead time involved. Hence, you might want to check the timings with your local authorities. You will need a licensed contractor, designer or architect to finalize your paperwork and pick up your permits. Experts recommend submitting these permits around the same time when you have placed your order for the new kitchen cabinets due to similar lead times.

If you require more information on the latest kitchen cabinet designs and styles, don’t hesitate to call HRX Aluminum today for enquiries.

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