Installing Euro style Hinges On Aluminum Glass Doors

Follow this instructions to correctly install euro style hinges on aluminum glass doors. Installing Euro style Hinges On Aluminum Glass Doors is easy.

hinges on glass cabinet doors

hinges on glass cabinet doors










Step 1:  Determine where you want to locate the hinges on the door and cabinet. Typically hinges are placed three or four inches in from the top and bottom ends of the doors.

Step 2


Step 2:  Hinge cups recess into 35mm (1 3/8″)-diameter holes bored into the Kitchen Aluminum cabinet door frame

Step 3


Step 3:  Insert the hinge cups into the door mortises and make sure the hardware seats fully in the holes. Adjust the hinges until they are square to the edge of the door, and carefully drill a pair of pilot holes for screws that fasten the hinge cups to the doors. A 3/8″ self-taping screw for metal is a good choice for this task. Install the hinge screws in the door.

Step 4


Step 4:  Set the Aluminum  door in position and install the baseplate screws to hang the door on the cabinet. On a double-door cabinet, repeat this process to hang the other door. Open and close the doors a few times to check their alignment. Turn the hinge adjustment screws as needed and a little at a time to refine the fit of the door or doors in the opening.


After even one installation, you’ll probably agree: cabinet door hinges don’t get much easier than this











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