Find Out What You Can Do With Glass For A Luxurious And Contemporary Home!

The exponential growth in the fascination of glass is due to the frequent exposure to modern and contemporary home designs. Clean open spaces, flexibility, natural light and shine are offered by glass additions. Some people who live in darker locations tend to have a liking to the natural effects that are produced by the combination of glass and light.

Additionally, the flexibility of playing around with glass colors, textures and designs to create views that are expansive make this material even more appealing for both homeowners and designers who prefer contemporary aesthetics. In this article, you will learn seven cool uses of glass and how it can be used in your modern home design.

Stair treads made from glass

Individuals who live an expansive estate residing in the countryside or a luxurious loft apartment can benefit from the modern aesthetics of glass stair treads. Building stairs with glass is safe as the material can be made of laminated and tempered glass that are one and a quarter inches thick as well as add a textured top surface for increased traction. These glass steps are simply works of art with its light transmitting properties. You can consider an acid-etched frosted finish for your glass steps if personal modesty has to be taken into account. This eliminates all concerns of someone looking up through the stairs either by accident or on purpose.

Cool water feature built mostly from glass

A sense of calm from the sound of water is unlike other experience. Even if you don’t a abode that is located by a lake or ocean, you can still enjoy that sense of peace by creating a water feature out of glass to make your experience at home even more special. Whether you opt for a custom textured cast glass or a common rain patterned glass, any water feature definitely provides a welcoming sight to guests and yourself after a possibly long stressful day.

Glass kitchen backsplashes that are painted at the back

Glass Kitchen doors

One way to add excitement to your kitchen’s design is to add a distinctive pop of color. You can do so by building a backsplash that is made from glass and painted at the back. The high shine luster from the glass backsplash will draw attention and you can have them custom colored with any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color. You never have to worry because this is a high quality project that is long lasting. The coating will be electronically bonded to the back of the glass to ensure the aforementioned happens.

Kitchen doors and entry doors

If you want something that provides greater returns on investment and has a dramatic style to boast, you should consider decorative entry doors that are made from glass. If your kitchen is built around the visible vicinity of your main living room, you should ensure that you use glass kitchen doors to prevent any obstruction of flow in your home’s aesthetics. Through this process, you will experience the fun of working with different textures and colors of glass to give that architectural element to your entry and kitchen doors, providing natural light as well as privacy at the same time.

Shower walls constructed with glass blocks

Glass blocks remind some people of a product that dates back to the 80’s. With recent improvements in its shapes, patterns and metal texturing, glass blocks have established its place in the forefront of contemporary home products. Nowadays, you can choose to go for thinner see-through glass blocks that are about three and one-eighth inches thick. This will help you create a stylish and modern walk-in shower design, especially when you need to work with compact spaces. Glass blocks also give you the ability to add metal facades, tying the entire glass block shower wall to your surrounding architecture.

Structural glass floors that are laminated

A glass bridge or floor can easily create that wow-factor that you seek. Whether the floor uses an obscure glass to allow light to flow through seamlessly to a floor below (as seen in art galleries and urban brownstones) or allow you to see through to lower levels like collectible displays, wine cellars and water features, such floors will always be a focal point for luxurious home designs. If you have safety in mind, you should go for one inch laminated and tempered glass.

Countertops made from cast glass

Countertops that are made from the aforementioned material are unique features by nature and provide owners illumination with a warm glow, interesting textures and move natural light. You will sure be able to wow your friends or guests as they walk into your bathroom or kitchen with a countertop like this! These countertops are easy to clean even though they are made from custom textured glass.

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