A Handy Guide To Understanding Cabinet Door Hinges

Cabinet door hinges may be the last thing that comes to one’s mind when you are looking for furniture in your home. Many of us don’t realize that these hinges are very useful especially when it comes to cabinet doors where the hinges are totally concealed and it gives the cabinet doors a clean and tidy look. However, this does not mean that we should not care about the door hinges. Unknown to many, door hinges actually have two different kinds to it.

Basic hinge

Kitchen cabinet doors

The most basic kind of hinges that many of us own may not be adjustable. It may seem like it is not much of a big deal but it actually makes a difference. As time goes by, the doors on the cabinets might become loose and move away from its alignment. Thus, to make a few amendments to fix these alignment problems are almost impossible.

Adjustable hinge

Except for basic cabinet lines, adjustable hinges should be found everywhere. It looks like a basic hinge but the key difference is that it has more adjustment screws which allow you to make alignment changes using a screwdriver. You should select the adjustable hinge as an upgrade if you are considering all your adjustable hinges to be the same on the cabinets. It is worth it paying a little more just to get a better hinge.

There are other hinges as well which are pretty useful for kitchen cabinet doors. You might find them practical as well for other uses in your kitchen:

• Piano Hinge: Also known as “Continuous Hinge” because they are used to secure the lid of pianos. It is often used in instances where the opening needs to be extended in length.

• Inset Hinge: An inset hinge is made so as to fit inside the face frame of the cabinet door. It is often used for inset doors and it needs a special kind of hinge that enables them to open it.

• Knife Hinge: Knife hinges are considerably pricier than other kinds of hinges because it is harder to install. It can be seen when the door is closed where the hinge is being exposed.

• Barrel Hinge: It is a hinge which the center barrel of the hinge is seen when the door is closed.

Soft-close doors

Hinges without the soft-close option would be incomplete. This soft-close option is an upgrade being offered by many cabinet lines. However, some mid-range lines and higher lines have implemented this as a standard feature. With its soft-closing mechanism it makes it even more convenient when closing the door and you can definitely anticipate an ideal kitchen with no noise.

Upgrade your kitchen cabinets

So now that you’ve read through the purpose of each different hinge, how about re-facing your cabinets? It is a pocket-friendly way to give your kitchen a face lift by overlaying the exterior of the cabinet boxes as well as replacing the doors and drawer fronts. This will totally recreate the look of your kitchen but keeping it convenient as well where you do not have to go through the hassle of renovation.

A few options of re-facing your cabinets would be the choice of the doors where are the most important element of your cabinets as it consists of the visible component and it is also regularly used in the kitchen as well. It can totally transform the entire look of your cabinets.

Glass doors are the ‘in’ thing now

There are many different varieties of door styles to choose from. In fact, it ranges from over hundreds of designs. Some of the more popular designs here are glass, arch, and slab and raised panels. However, if you are unsure which one you should pick, perhaps you might want to consider getting a glass door. Glass doors are the ones that are currently in trend these days.

It is a popular choice for homes. This is because it is transparent and it allows light to pass through, where it definitely will brighten up your kitchen. Furthermore, it is well-liked by home owners and designers because it is easy to complement with any layout design. Designers would always often recommend this to first-time home owners as it is easy to install and rather durable as well.

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